Drone Gaming

Drone gaming is like a video game but with real consequences!

Witness teams of high tech drone warriors battling it out while flying through moving obstacles.

How is gaming different than racing?

  Racing GAMING
Players Solo Team
Length 2m Unlimited
Pit Stops No Yes
Strategy Little Important
Course Static Moving
Skill Variety Limited Diverse




The year is 833x (2099 in hex).  A catastrophic flare triggered mutations in creatures close to the sun. With this newfound power the mutants banded together forming Imperium X with the sole intent to rule the galaxy. But one thing stands in the evil Imperium’s way; the Federation. The Federation has organized Drone Clan Warriors to defeat Imperium X and restore order to the galaxy.



Two Clans have 4 minutes to earn points.

1) Fly the Outer Ring  and earn 10 points (skill level: beginner)

2) Fly an Enagement and earn 20-30 points (skill level: intermediate to advanced)

3) Execute all three Engagements and earn 30 bonus points

4) Teams can flip over quads and put blades back on during battles

5) Each pilot must fly at least once per 4 minute battle

6) 10 point penalty if a quad is carried back  (out of battery)

7) Teams must complete the Outer Ring before each Engagment



Drone Clan Wars use inexpensive and safe FPV micro drones equiped with blade guards.
Size up to 90mm measured from motor center to motor center diagonally. The Horizon Hobby Inductrix is considered a 70mm size, well within the size specification.
Motors up to 8mm brushed motors. The Horizon Hobby Inductrix uses 6mm motors, well within the size specification.
Voltage 1 cell lipo (3.7v, 4.2v fully charged)
vTX 25mW (this is the standard video transmitter on an Inductrix)
Blade Guards Required
Weight No restriction



Warrior Drone pilot assigned to a designated video frequency.
Captain Responsible for strategy and communicating to judges
Scotty Drone repairman. They wait in the Engine room (safe area in center of the battlefield). They flip drones back over and put blades back on.
Clan 2 Warrirors
1 Scotty (optional)
1 Captain (optional)