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Micro Mecca R1: Schaumburg IL

  • Schaumburg Convention Center 1551 N Thoreau Dr Schaumburg IL (map)

Round 1

Let’s get the Tour started with GoDroneX’s Drone Clan Wars robotic course. Whoops are the preferred machine type.

Same rules as last year except:
Each heat will start at a designated time. Be prepared to fly solo if your partner isn't ready (have seven batteries just in case). If there is only 1 heat, then the race will start no later than 30 minutes from the last race. We will set this in Livetime so you will have announcements prior to the race start.

If there are multiple heats per round then 5 minutes separate each round so you will change your frequency within that time.

We are planning on 4 rounds of 25 minutes.

Make sure your vTX is unlocked and can transmit on Raceband 1, 3, 6, 7.

You CAN fly anything UP TO 175g auw with dipole / 185g auw CP antenna. Brushed or brushless.

This event is in conjunction with Kids Expo. There is a $9 fee for entry to the convention center and a $15 fee to GoDroneX to cover our share of convention expenses and trophies.

Food is available at the expo.

Undecided on AMA at this point.