$60 Lighting Attachment Kit



This kit is specifically design to fit on the inside edge of a Versa Gate. The Versa has a .5” inside edge that give perfect support for the LED string.

Each pixel in the string is individually addressable. That enables a plethora of creative visual possibilities simply not possible with typical 4 wire leds.

These are 5v and polarity protected.

For the billboard lightbox, you can create a design on a your graphics program (perhaps a theme or school mascot) and print it to clear overhead material. Then tape that to the plastic cover.

Tie your design to your theme.


  • Edge Lighting: string of 48 pixels which is the perfect number as it is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 6, 8,and 12. That is important for creative lighting scenes.

  • Billboard: string of 16 pixels lines the edge of the light box.

  • Xtension cables lets the billboard be daisy chaining off the edge lighting keeping wiring simple.

What Students Learn

Soldering basics
Tab design

Circuits & Sensors
LED individual addressable pixels

Concurrent device mode operation
Lighting scenes using timing functions and arrays

Expand on the robotic theme with graphic cover design

Project Ideas

#1 Force Fields are Down Captain!
Skill: Intermediate
Program two lighting scenes. Run one for two minutes with a red color and the other for 20 seconds with a green color. When red teams can take a shortcut from where ever tthey are on the course straight to the Emperium X Command and launch an attack quicker. More points means more wins!

#2 Video Meter
Skill: Intermediate
Continually read all the inputs of the 4 video channel signal strengths. When one gets to 60 turn the Versa Gate edge lighting to one of the 4 corresponding (Red, Green, Blue, Pink). Then use one pixel to function as a meter showing the relative signal strength.

Package Contents

1 LED lighting string for Versa Gate (48 pixels)

1 LED lighting string for Billboard Box (16 pixels)

2 Xtension Cables

1 Laser cut parts for Billboard Box

1 Plastic Cover

Zip Ties


Tools Required

Soldering iron, solder, screw driver, yellow glue, clamps

Some soldering (24 points)

The kit is easily assembled with yellow glue and inexpensive spring clamps

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