$60 Motion Attachment Kit



Versa Gates have several Motion Kit mounting positions:

Two for Horizontal
Two for Vertical


  • Counter weighted arms

  • High Torque full size servos


Comes with downloadable software for the XP Brain that alternates between two modes:

Normal Mode
Lighting: blue Tail scene
Arms: oscillate slowly

Angry Mode

Lighting: red Pulse scene
Arms: oscillate rapidly

Dance Mode
Lighting: red Pulse scene
Arms: alternate swinging

What Students Learn


Circuits & Sensors
PWM signals
Servo basics

Concurrent device mode operation
Motion scenes using oscillation and acceleration

Create different arm design for unique themes. Useful for the Xponent Challenge

Project Ideas

#1 Meteor Shower
Skill: Beginner
Mount counter weighted arms on servos in the Versa Gates horizonal plane. Program a simple 90 degree servo oscillation. Put foam on the end of arms. Bingo. Meteor shower.

#2 Get 'Em
Skill: Intermediate
The video strength sensor inside the XP Brain monitors the 4 FPV channels used at Drone Clan Wars. As the signal gains strength, the claws start their swinging scene gently accelerating and decelerating to ease the servo stress and create natural motion. Once the drone passes the arms they go into wait mode ready for the next victim. Sounds fun. Let’s do it!

Package Contents

  • Two unpainted wooden claws

  • Two standard size high torque 5v servos

  • Mounting hardware

  • Xtension cables

Tools Required

Screw driver

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