$480 Basics Bundle

item # PRD.BUN.Basics


Designed as an entry level setup for a very small club, the Basics Bundle has drones to field 1-2 Drone Clan Wars teams. If one machine breaks warrior teams would share the remaining one. This bundle has 2 Starter packs and 1 Spares kit. It does NOT contain any robotic engagements.

Additional Jump Start on-line projects including:

  • Drone Construction

  • Flight Control Configuration

  • Equipment Prep

  • First Person View Science

  • Repairs & Troubleshooting

  • Line of Sight Basics

  • Line of Sight Advanced

  • FPV Technology

  • FPV Basics


  • 2 FPV drones

  • 2 Radio transmitters

  • 2 Cases

  • 2 Goggles

  • 2 Multi Port Chargers

  • 14 Batteries

  • Extra Props

  • 2 Battery Checkers

  • 2 Screwdrivers

  • 2 USB Cables

Unless otherwise stated the Bundle is comprised of kits which require assembly, painting and wiring.

GoDroneX kits require minimal tools. Yellow glue and clamps are the most important. Some soldering is needed mainly on the premium kits. We keep it pretty simple.

All services such as Drone Camp and Professional Development are NOT part of any bundle.

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