$2,800 Club Bundle

item # PRD.BUN.Club


Designed for a drone club, this bundle is for Drone Clan Wars competition.

FPV Drones

Four drones that support Clan Wars Teams with an extra 2 drones as backups and a backup radio and goggle.

Robotic Engagements

The Club bundle adds all the core, attachment, premium equipment plus 1 pro engagement.

You will have a battlefield with:

  • Emperium X Command complete with Timing solution

  • Rotating Versa Gate (or elevated Versa Portal) with programmed lighting control

  • Versa Gate with swinging arms and animated / programmed lighting control

  • Pro Force Field engagement with lighting scenes for allowing shortcut game strategy

All XP Brains have build in video strength sensors so robotic engagements can be interactive. XP Brains also have built in WiFi, Bluetooth and multiple processors with massive amounts of memory. See XP Brain for a full list of all the built in sensors.


Video tutorials on programming including:

  • Getting Started with the XP Brain

  • Programming Basics

  • Effective User Interface

  • Get Lit with Lighting Scenes

  • Motion Commotion

  • The Force is Strong - Drone Video Sensing

  • Xponent Engagement Design Process

Performance Flying videos include:

  • Drone Construction

  • Flight Control Configuration

  • Equipment Prep

  • First Person View Science

  • Repairs & Troubleshooting


  • 5 FPV Drone Sets

  • 1 FPV Drone (single unit, not a set)

  • 1 Spares kit

  • 3 XP Brains

  • 5 Versa Gate Kits

  • 1 Portal Attachment Kit (converts a Versa Gate into a Portal)

  • 2 Lighting Attachment Kits

  • 1 Motion Attachment Kits

  • 1 Turntable Kit

  • 1 Timing Board Kit

  • 1 PRO Force Field Robotics Engagement Kit (advanced lighting)

Unless otherwise stated the Bundle is comprised of kits which require assembly, painting and wiring.

GoDroneX kits require minimal tools. Yellow glue and clamps are the most important. Some soldering is needed mainly on the premium kits. We keep it pretty simple.

All services such as Drone Camp and Professional Development are NOT part of any bundle.

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