$60 Versa Gate Kit



The Versa Gate is the core support structure for robotic engagements. Numerous attachments can be added like portal extensions, lighting, servos, billboards and scoreboards. You can hang the XP Brain off the back for video sensing.

Outside dimensions 39” wide x 27” tall.


  • .5” inside edging for solid LED support

  • Support for both horizontal and vertical servos

  • Slots of adding creative structure

  • Simple construction with yellow glue and clamps

  • Easily sculpted for artistic designs

  • Light weight

  • Meets Drone Clan Wars spec of 4 square feet opening

Project Ideas

#1 It's a Bird, it's a Plane
Turn this into an STEAM art project by cutting wings from foam core and slotting them into the outer edge of the Versa Gate. The Versa Gate has slots around the outside edge just for this purpose. Take the 2d panel of the Versa gate and with right angle panels, make it a 3d structure.

#2 Funnel Tunnel
Expand on #1 with a visual tunnel. The Versa Gate has eight slots around the outside. Make various panels to form a tunnel. Use graduating colors to establish the illusion of movement.

See Light Attachment Kit, Motion Attachment Kit, Turntable Kit and Timing Board Kit for creative project ideas that use technology.

What Students Learn

Slot design for panels
Mounting techniques for different orientations
Designing for an integrated system

Versa Gate is the perfect canvas for theme development

Tools Required

Yellow glue and clamps

Package Contents

Laser cut wood pieces

Kit is unassembled and unpainted

XP Brain is sold separately

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