$150 XP Brain

item # PRD.COR.BRN


The XP Brain is a state-of-the-art microprocessor with loads of processor speed and memory. It is at least 10 times faster than an Arduino.


  • OLED display for user interface design

  • 12 IO ports can control motors, lighting, servos and all types of external sensors

  • 3 amp of 5v power which is critical for complex lighting scenes

  • Built in sensors including temperature, magnetic hall sensor, touch capacitance, ADC converters

  • Video strength sensor unique for the FPV industry

Project Ideas

  • have an LED lighting string on a Versa Gate function as a proximity meter for FPV drones

  • create a timing system

  • create motion enabled engagements like swinging arms or spinning meteors

  • trigger animatronics like a swinging tail or flapping wings

  • connect to phone apps via bluetooth or wifi

  • connect to the internet

  • interface to GoDronX’s fleX game solution

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