$150 Timing Board Kit



This kit uses the classic seven segment numerical display for showing times and battle points. It has 3 pixels for every segment. The kit has very simple assembly but there is some soldering. We have detailed instructions on how to put it together fast.

It can be daisy chained to the other lighting on a Versa Gate or stand alone on a supplied stand.


  • Highly visible 3 digit display

  • Classic seven segment format popular in all numeric displays

  • Simple physical assembly with 6 bolts for easy maintenance

  • Colon for longer timers (min & seconds), decimal for more precision or neither for points

  • Mounts directly on top of Versa Gate


Comes with downloadable software for the XP Brain that has two modes:

Orbit Timing Mode
Display: Shows last orbit time with one decimal with the team color

Battle Timing

Display: counts down the battle time from 8 minutes

What Students Learn

Soldering basics
Tab design

Circuits & Sensors
LED individual addressable pixels

Concurrent device mode operation
Seven segment numerical technique

Project Ideas

#1 Attack Timer
Skill: Intermediate
The internal video sensor inside the XP Brain continually scans the 4 channels used in Drone Clan Wars. It records the times for each team in an array. It displays the time on the board for 10 seconds in the color of the team.

#2 Battle Timer
Skill: Advanced
There are two parts. First there is the Android program using MIT's AI Inventor. Two buttons: Start and Stop. The app send a message to the XP Brain via Bluetooth to start the Battle. Clocks runs down for 8 minutes.

1) Have the timer flash a color when a team flys through.
2) Multiple scenes showing all phases of the event staging process: Stage, Battle, Finish Last Attack then back to stage.

Package Contents

Laser cut parts including stand

Plastic cover

LED strings

Wire & Connectors

Zip Ties & Hardware

XP Brain is sold separately

Tools Required

Soldering Iron, Solder, Yellow Glue, Screw driver,

Soldering is required (140 points)

Kit is unassembled and unpainted.

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Soldering iron, solder, Xacto, yellow glue