Turntable Kit



This premium add on let’s robotic engagement rotate without wires getting all twisted. The turntable serves as a base for Air Stairs, Versa Gate, Versa Portal or hung inverted suspending several portals.


  • Lightweight

  • Wiring pass through center without getting twisted

  • Up to 4 signal wires can pass through

  • Positioned on the ground or hung inverted (like Skyway)


Comes with downloadable software for the XP Brain that alternates between two modes:

Normal Mode (3 minutes)
Lighting: blue Tail scene
Turntable: rotates slowly

Storm Mode
(20 seconds)
Lighting: red Pulse scene
Turntable: reverses direction every 10 seconds

What Students Learn

Rotational bearing mechanisms

Circuits & Sensors
Servo Basics
Rotational wiring

Concurrent device mode operation
Motion scenes using oscillation and acceleration

Project Ideas

Portal Orbit
Skill: Easy
Add the portal attachment to a Versa Gate. Then add some PVC pipe to the turntable to elevate the portal (see photo). Spin the turntable for 20 seconds with a blue lighting scene then reverse the turntable direction while changing the lighting scene and color.

Candy Cane
Skill: Intermediate
Hang three portals vertically (see photo). Daisy chain the LED strings. Code an LED animation that links all three portals as one long scene. Have the turntable move at a slow speed in one direction, then blink the leds to signal a direction change. Now reverse the turntable.


Package Contents

Laser cut parts for base and pier

High Torque 360 degree Servo

Bearing Platter

Wiring & Connectors

XP Brain is sold separately

Tools Required

Soldering iron, solder, screw driver, yellow glue, clamps

Some soldering (12 points)

The kit is easily assembled with yellow glue and inexpensive spring clamps

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