Pro: Air Stairs Kit

IDIOM guardian of the sky summit

IDIOM guardian of the sky summit

item # PRD.PRO.AirStairs


Air Stairs has been the centerpiece of Drone Clan Wars for years giving events that amazing wow factor.

GoDroneX made a smaller lightweight yet durable version. But we have taken it up several notches.

First we added a “storm” function that shakes the clouds and reverses the turntable base.

Second we added animatronics. Construct IDIOM, the Emperium boss that keeps you from reaching the sky summit. IDIOM periodically laughs and throws shade at warrior teams egging them on. Animatronics are sold separately or just design your own!

We usually put Air Stairs on a table adding another 3’ to its height. Warriors fly under the table first then fly through the three cloud portals.


  • 8’ tall and 8’ diameter

  • LED Edge Lighting

  • Reversible Turntable

  • Cloud Portals Shake

  • Support Columns can be stacked to reach heights exceeding 12’


Comes with downloadable software for the XP Brain that alternates between two modes:

Normal Mode (3 minutes)
Lighting: blue Tail scene
Clouds: oscillate gently like floating clouds in the sky
Turntable: rotates slowly

Storm Mode
(20 seconds)
Lighting: red Pulse scene
Clouds: shake rapidly with greater travel
Turntable: reverses direction every 10 seconds

What Students Learn

How truss structures provide strength
Combine smaller structures to create large scale affects
Increasing leverage to shake clouds
Rotational bearing mechanisms

Circuits & Sensors
Different servo types
I2C protocol
Rotational wiring
Analog video sensors

Concurrent device mode operation
Lighting scenes using timing functions and arrays
Motion scenes using oscillation and acceleration

Game Play
Critical Thinking. Using GoDroneX’s fleX gaming software, teams can use their credits to either freeze Air Stairs for their benefit or force it into Storm Mode thwarting other competitors.

Project Ideas

#1 Shake & Bake
Skill: Beginner
Change the speed of the cloud shake and turntable rotation.

#2 Storm's a Comin'
Skill: Intermediate
Monitor the drone FPV transmitter strength to trigger the storm function. Once the strength drops return back to the normal mode.

#3 Trash Talking IDOM
Skill: Advanced
Design an animatronic IDOM that sits on the top strut. With some simple servos, animate his head turning left and right as to say to the Warriors "no way Jose". For more fun, Integrate the head turning based on signal strength from #2 Storm's a Comin'.

Package Contents

3 Versa Gate Kits

3 Lighting Attachment Kits

3 Portal Attachment Kits

1 Turntable Kit (less pier)

4 High Torque Servos with heavy duty Linkages

3 Portal Supports

3 Truss Kits

Zip Ties

Wire and Connectors

Kit is unassembled and unpainted

XP Brain is sold separately

Tools Required

Soldering iron, solder, screw driver, yellow glue, clamps

Some soldering (24 points)

The kit is easily assembled with yellow glue and inexpensive spring clamps

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