PRO Dragon X

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As the leader of Imperium X DRAGON X guards the Narrows, a tight planetary section of the galaxy that leads to Imperium X's command center. If you can't go around him go through him!


  • Animatronic eyes that move left and right

  • Flapping wings

  • Pathway of 2 gates and 1 portal

  • LED edge lighting


Comes with downloadable software for the XP Brain that alternates between two modes:

Normal Mode (3 minutes)
Lighting: green Tail scene
Wings: oscillate gently still keeping the portal large
Eyes: move slowly looking for their next prey

Angry Mode
(20 seconds)
Lighting: red Pulse scene
Wings: flap rapidly staying in the lower position longer thus making the portal smaller
Eyes: Looks inwards

Project Ideas

#1 Fly High
Skill: Beginner
Periodically change the speed of the articulating wings.

#2 Lunch Time
Skill: Intermediate
Construct a lower jaw that moves up 12" making the face smaller therefore challenging to fly through. It can be triggered on video strength sensor.

What Students Learn

Double bar mechanism for articulating wings
Animation mechanisms for shifting eyes
Support structures

Circuits & Sensors
Servo motion
Dual H Bridge Motor Driver
Linear Actuators
LED single pixel control
Analog video sensors

PWM motor driving
Advanced arrays
LED sequencer
Concurrent scene functions

Game Play
Critical Thinking
Teamwork. Co warrior is busy with strategy when not flying

Package Contents

2 Versa Gates

1 Portal Attachment

1 Dragon X Gate

2 Servos

1 Linear Actuator

1 Motor Driver

3 LED Lighting Attachments

Kit is unassembled and unpainted

XP Brain is sold separately

Tools Required

Soldering iron, solder, yellow glue, clamps, tape

Some soldering: 12 points

The kit is easily assembled with yellow glue and inexpensive spring clamps

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