Pro: Force Field Kit

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Force Field is used in competition to add strategy to game play. When the Force Field is down teams can take a shortcut and launch another attack on the Emperium X Command.

Critical Thinking
Student warriors keep an eye on the Force Field and have to quickly decide if they should alter their attack path and use the Force Field.


  • 24 light ribs form an LED wreath making for simply stunning lighting scenes

  • Lightweight and compact for easy transport


Comes with downloadable software for the XP Brain that alternate between two modes:

Force Field Up Mode (3 minutes)
Lighting: red Swirl scene & pink Chase scene

Force Field Down Mode
(20 seconds)
Lighting: green Shockwave scene

What Students Learn

High strength / low weight joint network

Circuits & Sensors
LED animations
Analog video sensors

2d arrays (120 pixels in 24 rows of 5 pixels)
Programmatic sequencing

Game Play
Critical Thinking
Teamwork. Co-warrior is busy with strategy when not flying

Project Ideas

#1 Swirl Twirl
Skill: Beginner
Construct a stand that sits on our Turntable and supports Force Field. Now the Force Field can rotate without any wires getting twisted.

#2 Shockwave
Skill: Intermediate
Program a lighting scene takes a solid ring of pixels and steps them outwards. This looks like a shockwave when done right.

#3 Toilet Bowl
Skill: Advanced
Program a light scene that looks like a swirl. Take 1 circle of 24 leds, fade it and rotate it. Then duplicate the on the next 4 rings stagger each one by two rows. The effect looks like a toilet bowl getting flushed.

Package Contents

Laser cut kit pieces

LED light string with individually addressable pixels

Wires and Connectors

XP Brain sold separately

Tools Required

Soldering iron, solder, yellow glue, clamps

Soldering (120 points)

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